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FACCIA Technology srl
Cannaregio, 2268 - 30121 Venice ITALY
Ph: +39 041 3097790
Fax: +39 041 3097791
C.F e P. IVA 04041760275

The new ARIES has a capacity from 14 to 34 MC. It is born to travel on the road. Its equipment gives to the machine more strength and great care to the details.  But the true mission of ARIES is the cattle feeding, with a perfect mixing in a very short time.  That’s why ARIES has been studied in two versions with one and two augers, with different shapes, in order to satisfy the needs of the final user in all the world.

Our long experience has shown that just a machine with high quality components could work in whatever condition: on mountains, on slopes, on plains, in narrow places, at –25° and at 40°.   Thanks to a new miller, ARIES loads very quickly every kind of meal and mixes in short time, by distributing that one in whatever manger.


So, whatever is your problem, it’s not your stall that have to be accommodated for the machine: it will be the new Aries to be accommodated to your stall.